Hit the Floor

DeciBel Dance Competition

Hit The Floor

Republic Bank Decibel Entertainment Festival together with Hip Hop Unite proudly presents Hit the Floor, a Dance Competition on Friday 5th May, 2017.

Registration cost $100 per person but duo and group rates are available. The minimum age to enter the contest is 13 years old.


Individual Battles – $2,500 First Prize
Duos Competition – $5,000 First Prize
Group Competition – $10,000 First Prize


Group Competition
Minimum Age: 13
Group Size: Minimum of 4 Persons, Maximum of 8 Persons
Performance Length: Maximum of 4mins

Duos Competition (Minimum Age 13)
Minimum Age: 13
Performance Length: Maximum of 4mins

Individual Battle
Minimum Age: 13


Registration is now Closed. Thanks for your interest in Hit the Floor!

Republic Bank